What comes in the box?

Each candle is boxed and wrapped like its own little gift. The label on the outside of the box shows the name of the candle inside. 


How do I burn the candle?

We suggest burning the 10oz jars for 3-4 hours each time for maximum scent release and even wax levels. DO NOT burn for longer than 4 hours. Make sure to always trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time before lighting. 


How long does it take to receive my order?

It takes 3-5 business days to process your order once payment is received. A notification email with tracking information will be sent once the order is on the way. 


What if the scent isn't strong?

We've tested them all to be great smells for your home! There's a lot of factors that go into how a candle will burn in your house: other smells lingering in your home, how big the room is, air flow, ceiling height, and even the humidity outside! Plus every person's nose smells scents a little different. If you leave the room and walk back into it 30 seconds later, you should smell some great smells! (but never leave lit candles unattended).


Why does the wax turn white?
When soy wax turns white it is called “frosting” or “bloom”. This is a natural process of soy wax and does not affect the burn quality or the scent.


How to remove wax from our glass jars:
There are a few ways to do this so its a matter of preference. The easiest for us is to carefully pour boiling water into the jar. The hot water will melt the candle wax and it will float up to the top of the jar. Let it sit overnight or for a few hours and the wax will reharden at the top. Press on the edges slowly and the wax will pop out solidly and it can be thrown out. Once the wax has been removed from the jar, hand-washing in hot, soapy water should clean any residue. 


How do I remove the label from my jar?
The candle label on our jars can be peeled off easily and the warning label on the bottom will soak off easily in hot, soapy water. Any adhesive remover will work as well.


Are the jars reusable?
Yes, the glass jar is reusable once your candle has melted away. Simply hand wash in warm, soapy water and hand dry. Soy wax is biodegradable and non-toxic and should wash easily from these receptacles. The jar can be used just as any glass jar and are a fun way to store items such as, cinnamon sticks, small ornaments, paper clips, pens or in your bathroom etc. in your home, or potted with a windowsill herb.


Do you accept returns?

Sorry, we do not.